Boyle & Norwood Trunk or Treat

Boyle & Norwood Trunk or Treat
Students dressed up for Halloween at Trunk or Treat

The article and pictures below were written and taken by Samantha Schwab, a student at Comsewogue High School.

It’s 5:15 pm on an October Thursday, cars are lined up in the parking lot of Boyle Road Elementary School. Children from both Boyle and Norwood are seen all over, running up and down the lot, yelling, trying to find their friends before they’re free to explore the different themed trunks. The participating parents rush to put up their last-minute decorations; chaperoning parents start scanning the groups of children, making sure their own kids are still there. In the moments leading up to the 5:30 start of the Trunk or Treat event, all the kids make sure their costumes are up to snuff, their parents making minor adjustments to them.

Everyone scrambles to take pictures before the children are off lugging around their bags of candy.
Smiles radiated off every child’s face as we walked through the crowds. Trunks decorated in several different ways, ranging from a frightening farm to a spooky science laboratory to Ms. Frizzle’s Magic School Bus. Even as teenagers, we couldn’t stop ourselves from smiling. We were happy to see all the children together having fun after such a long time isolated from each other.

One of our personal favorite trunks was the evil scientist laboratory, an idea that came from two young children. The two tiny scientists were kind enough to show us an experiment they had been working on. They took some bat tears and dragon teeth, and when the dragon teeth were placed into the bat tears, an eruption occurred. It had an uncanny resemblance to that of Coke and Mentos. As we watched the young scientists, their faces lit up with excitement and amazement. We couldn't help but laugh and smile along with them.

We continued to walk up and down the parking lot, pointing out previously unnoticed details in different trunks. Princesses, monsters, ninjas, and superheroes sprinted past us, tightly grasping their bags of candy to ensure they didn’t lose anything. Two small children and their parents were sitting on the grass, happily eating their candy. When we introduced ourselves and asked to interview them, they excitedly told us about their experience. Their favorite trunk, they told us, was Ms. Frizzle’s Magic School Bus. Their favorite treat: pink Nerds.  

While we continued to walk around, there seemed to be two trunks with a constant flow of children and parents. One was a Jurassic Park-themed trunk. The trunk was decorated with plants and of course the iconic Jurassic Park sign. The trunk was just the beginning, however, as the main event was the huge dinosaur running around. We had the pleasure of being able to talk to him. When we asked what he was most excited about, his answer was, “I’m just here to eat the children.” In classic dinosaur fashion, he went on to chase the oncoming crowd of children, making them scream and yell in excitement.

The second fan-favorite seemed to be a spooky farm scene. The back of a truck was decorated with a small barn, beside the trunk, on a bale of hay sat a spooky scarecrow. Even though we were teenagers, we were extremely hesitant to just walk up to the scarecrow. Just like us, the other children were very timid and nervous to grab some candy from the scarecrow. Whenever one of the kids would go down to reach for candy, the scarecrows' long straggly fingers would creep up their arms. Every time the children would back away, sometimes without even picking up just one piece of candy, screaming and laughing as they pulled their hands back.

As the night of fun and frights was about to wrap up, you could tell the children were getting tired. However, in a last attempt to get as much candy as possible, they still managed to run around for just a little bit longer before their parents said it was time to go. Friends hugged each other goodbye and families started to head towards their cars. It was an extremely successful night; bags were completely filled with various treats and more unforgettable memories were made.

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